To Study Math or Not

To study Math or Not
To study Math or Not

What do you study after 10th?
Commerce, Math, Liberal Arts, which way does one go?

Should one continue with math and science or take commerce? Which career path will get you a well-paying job the fastest? Well, medicine takes a long time to study and is also expensive. Engineering is the current flavor as it is easy to get a seat and easy to get jobs after you finish studying.
Value of math at 10+2
should one continue with math after 10th? There are many who believe that continuing with math will afford an advantage as there are more options available later on. It is true that most competitive exams in India have a quantitative section and it is easy to tackle this section if you are good in math.

For those students who have not yet made up their mind or are still confused about what to study further but are good in math can continue with the subject. They get two more years to decide.
Careers with math must at 10+2
There are a few career paths that require that students should have studied math and physics at the 10+2 level. If students wish to pursue these careers, then they must opt for math, physics and chemistry.

These career paths are:

  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Pilot
  • Some careers in the armed forces

What to do if you hate math?
Despite the options mentioned and the advantages of studying math at 10+2 level, there is a large section of students who do not like the subject and risk very low marks or failure in the exams. But then the challenge is how to decide whether students can cope with the subject. It is also observed that those who do not like math, are also not very comfortable with physics.
It is not easy to find out but you can start by going through the syllabus of the subjects concerned. Students can also attempt to solve a few questions papers after going through the relevant chapters. This exercise ought to give a pretty good idea to the parents as well the students about their ability to do well in these subjects.
UNITI Foundation recommends that those who are unsure but are good in the subject, can study combinations with math at 10+2. But those who find it a challenge are better off opting for other options. There are many career paths that offer equally satisfying career opportunities.

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