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Merchant Navy

As the name suggests, it’s related to the seas. Movement of men and material on ships has gone on for centuries. Several countries were discovered thanks to adventurous sailors (remember Columbus?). This paved way for trade in many commodities among countries by merchants, via the sea-route.

Present day merchant navy activities cover exactly these – transportation of men and material through cargo liners, tankers, passenger vehicles or cruise liners. Movement of material from one country to another through ships is quite significant in international trade nowadays. Cruise liners are popular among tourists.

For whom?

A career in merchant navy is attractive for those who like traveling, are not prone to sea-sickness and are ready to spend long time away from their families.

Major jobs in Merchant Navy

Cadets, who are given training in navigation, lifesaving, meteorology

Radio Officers who handle communication with the outside world from within the ship

Nautical Surveyors & Advisors

Engineers who take care of electro-mechanical devices and machines


For cadets, candidates must have passed 10+2.

For Engineers, degree in mechanical or electrical engineering is required. Specialized Course

Marine Engineering course is available in some Indian Institutes of Technology, entry into which is through a nationwide Joint Entrance Exam.

Spinoffs A career in Merchant Navy provides an excellent opportunity to travel round the world. Besides sight-seeing, it provides exposure to various lifestyles and cultures. This provides a chance to make new friends, for social and professional networking.


Library Science

With sources of knowledge multiplying through books, libraries serve as a single-point reference center for books on varied topics. They help in widening one’s awareness on a range of subjects. As we move into the Internet era, probably cyber cafes, where you access the Internet, are the modern equivalents of mobile, universal libraries.

But then they can’t replace the old physical libraries for the simple reasons that Internet access isn’t free and everyone isn’t computer literate. Moreover, specialized libraries save time in searching for the right book, which gives information in a given format (say a text-book). Libraries as we know them now may ultimately end up as support facilities in addition to Internet, but their need will remain.


Apart from educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities and information Centers, libraries are common to research institutes as well. Apart from these, there are several general libraries set up by social organizations, governments and municipal authorities which stock books and magazines on several topics.

A typical librarian’s job would be to catalog the books and be able to store and retrieve them whenever required. In addition to this, keeping stock of books issued and returned will also have to be done.

New look libraries

To keep up with emerging technologies, modern libraries will stock CDs, modems, PCs, scanners and copiers. Familiarity in using these would go a long way in helping present day librarians adapt to the latest requirements.


Medical Transcription

Transcription refers to copying data or information provided orally or on tape to a written form. Medical transcription owes its origin to writing down patients’ medical history. Doctors talk their instructions into tapes; and these are transcribed by transcriptionists.

As the number of patients grew and the need for their healthcare increased, the volume of information grew correspondingly. Handling this transcription process began to be outsourced to professional agencies, to those who specialize in it.

Starting with outsourcing from within a country, it’s now progressed to giving contracts to overseas companies. If time zone differences are taken into account, this not only meant savings in cost but also time. Of late, many Indian companies have sprung up in this line to exploit the opportunity.


  • Good English language skills. This is a must, because the language spoken by doctors has to be perfectly understood, to be able to transcribe it.
  • Good knowledge of medical terms.
  • Fast typing skills, as the work has to be done on computers.
  • Understanding of phonetics, to decipher pronunciation by people of different countries.
  • Good listening skills, as half of the job is to listen to the tapes.
  • Comprehension ability, to be able to understand what’s being said.
  • A background in biological sciences is beneficial in understanding the terminology.
  • Major Jobs

    Transcribers - Listen to the audio and convert into electronic documents.

    Proof Readers – Those who check errors in English language as well as the medical terminology used in the typed reports. 99% accuracy is expected by clients.

    Editors – Those who supervise the proof readers.


    India enjoys several advantages such as the Time difference with European and US, relatively cheaper manpower and abundance of people with good English language skills, there is good scope for this profession here. ***************

Medicine (MBBS)

With advance of civilization, scientific ways of treating diseases evolved and thus a structured study of medicine was born. Prospective doctors undergo this course before they are allowed to treat patients. A detailed study of human anatomy and the use of drugs to cure different ailments forms the course material studied in MBBS. Theory and practical exposure is given to students. With technological advancements, newer techniques of treatment and new drugs are being developed.


  • Radiology – diagnosis of disorders through X-Rays
  • Psychiatry – study and treatment of mental diseases
  • Obstetrics – dealing with child birth
  • Surgery – treatment by cutting or manipulating body parts
  • Orthopaedics – handling deformities in bones or muscles
  • Pathology – study of diseases
  • Gynaecology – study of female reproductive system
  • Pediatrics – study of children’s diseases
  • Ophthalmology – study of eye and its diseases


Government hospitals


Private corporate hospitals

Private practice



Healthcare involves several support activities -- physiotherapy being one of them. A physiotherapist treats any malfunctions in muscles. Mostly, the therapy helps in speedy recovery of patients suffering from orthopedic problems, post-surgery recovery or after accidents.

Though anatomy and physiology seem the natural areas of study in this subject, other related topics include orthopedics, surgery and neurology. Strengthening of weak muscles and coordinating movements of body organs is done primarily through massage and specially designed exercises.

Improving mobility, relieving pain and minimizing physical disability are the main applications of physiotherapy. Most common cases where it’s applied are – Sclerosis (hardening of tissues), Cervical Spondylosis, nerve injuries, Arthritis, strokes and muscle pains. Therapeutic agents such as water, heat, ultrasonic waves, infrared rays, ultra-violet rays, laser therapy, electro-diagnosis and high frequency electricity are used during massage.


In hospitals, to enable patients’ speedy recovery.

Private physiotherapy centers, where regular, periodic treatment is given to patients, for maximum possible recovery of patients.

Sports training centers, to devise special exercises for speedy recovery of injured Gymnasiums

Corporate fitness Centers

Qualities required

This profession calls for patience, as one has to deal with patients who are in pain and make them do exercises which may be physically uncomfortable to them.

Knowledge of human anatomy helps in effective physiotherapy treatment.

Awareness of specific exercises for different body organs.


Medical Technologist

Another supporting activity in healthcare. A doctor prescribes tests to be undergone by patients in order to correctly diagnose the ailment. Technological advances have led to increasing use of machines in diagnosis.

A medical technologist handles the machinery and equipment involved in such tests. These equipments are mostly used in pathology and microbiology labs. Those trained in using the equipment are responsible for effectively carrying out the tests, giving accurate reports about the patients.

Training is given in handling X-ray machines, CT Scanner and other diagnostic tools.

Scope Hospitals


Specialized diagnostic centers



This is one specialized profession which offers an incredible range in terms of application – ranging from manufacturing industries to jewellery.


Ability to perceive things visually. This is important, as the designs have to be put on paper, to portray how the product will look.

Creativity – the talent to come up with innovative ideas.

Without this, new patterns and designs do not end up being radically different from the prevailing ones.

Imagination – to experiment with new concepts and ideas.

Good drawing and sketching skills.


Garments: in costume design, printing and textile design.

Jewellery: lacquering (applying glossy varnish), cutting of stones & gems, polishing.

Interior Designing: tastefully furnishing the interiors of a building.

Products: designing new products that would appeal to customers. For example, in automobiles, designers spend a lot of time to come up with attractive looking, functional and innovative cars, scooters, bikes, etc.

Furniture: Beautifully decorating homes, offices and institutions with unique designs.

Fashion: coming up with trend-setting styles

Specialized Institute

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

Some Specializations:

Visual communication

Product Designs

Fabric & Garments



Imparting knowledge to students is the primary responsibility of a teacher. Besides this, teachers are also supposed to guide the students in developing their intellectual and other capabilities.

Raising literacy levels being a national priority, there’s always demand for teachers. Due to paucity of funds, the governments are not able to allocate required budgets to education. Private educational institutions fill the qualitative and quantitative gap in education. So, the demand for teachers would always be there as there’s a gap in educational supply-demand.

Skills required

Good communication, to present a subject in an interesting way.

Ability to handle youngsters

An understanding of personalities to tackle students of different natures.





Research Institutes Self-Employment:

Taking Tuitions

Starting Tutorials

Establishing Study Centers.


Speech Therapy

Devoted to handling speech disorders. Special evaluation techniques and treatments have been devised to deal with disorders such as stuttering, stammering and lisping.

Giving this treatment enables those with speech disorders to overcome their inhibitions and indulge in conversation with others. .

Treatment techniques:.

Using sign language – gestures replacing spoken words.

Sound formation – training in forming sounds associated with different alphabets and words .

Lip reading .




Schools for deaf and dumb.

Private practice.

Specialized Institution:.

All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore, Karnataka, offers courses at graduate and post-graduate level in speech therapy. .



A profession which involves caring for fellow human beings’ health. After treatment by doctors, patients admitted in hospitals need time to recover their normal health. It is during this period that patients are in the care of nurses, of course under the supervision of doctors. 
Nurses also care for patients, if required, when any medical treatment is being given. The responsibilities of a nurse include ensuring that medication is given as per the doctor’s instructions and monitoring the vitals of patients and call for the doctor’s intervention whenever needed. 
Qualities required
Patience – needed to handle patients who may not be very cooperative
Sympathetic – when dealing with people as they respond better to a sympathetic way of treatment
Cool-headed – to tackle very anxious patients and their relatives
Mild-mannered – to handle treatment in a courteous way
Neurology (nerve systems)
Cardiac care (heart care)
Operation Theatre (surgeries)
Public Health
Obstetrics (childbirth)
Geriatrics (care of old people)
Government hospitals
Private hospitals
Private personalized service
With widespread growth in the number of hospitals – general, speciality, superspeciality -- there is good employment potential.
Because hospitals work round the clock, there is requirement of doctors and nurses during night time also. People desirous of making a career in nursing should be willing to work in shifts – either morning or afternoon or night.


An optometrist makes lenses for spectacles, based on an eye specialist’s specifications. Eye specialists examine our eyes for sight related problems, and if required, prescribe spectacles. An optometrist prepares these lenses.
Working under eye specialists, attached to their clinics.
There is good scope for setting up own shop for preparing lenses and attaching them to spectacles. Not all eye specialists have their own facilities to prepare lenses.

Physical Education

Maintaining good health is taught right from schools, how to exercise, which exercises to perform, the right way to do them and their significance is explained by instructors who are trained in physical education. Apart from a health angle, physical exercises play a crucial role in enhancing competitiveness of sportspersons. Different sports require different parts of the body to be toned up, for optimal performance. Physical Education experts undergo specialized courses which expose them to different techniques to keep human body in perfect condition through exercises.
Specialized Institution
National Institute of Sports & Physical education, Patiala.
Qualities required:
Keen interest in sports
Physical stamina
Because of the multiple applications of physical education, there is tremendous scope for trained experts in this field.
Sports Councils
Yuvak Kendras
Corporates that insist on their employees’ physical well-being


Models are those people who feature in advertisements and other product-promotion related events. Due to wide visibility, modelling comes close to acting profession in terms of glamour attached to it. 
Pre-requisites for a model:
Good looks 
Proper height-weight ratio
Pleasing personality
Presence of mind
How To Become One
The first stage is to get a good portfolio of photographs done by a professional  photographer. 
Submit the portfolio to modeling agencies. Whenever the agency feels that your profile matches with a requirement, they shortlist and contact you. 
If called for an audition or screen test, you have to undergo that. Once it’s okayed, you are on to your modelling career. 
There are also private institutes where you can get all the basic training like make-up, physical fitness, grooming.
With more and more competition in the market for almost all product categories, advertising and promotion has increased. In such a scenario, there’s great potential for models. 
Having won several international beauty contests, Indian models are also gaining overseas exposure in terms of modeling assignments.
Can lead to an acting career. 
Thanks to high visibility, there’s widespread instant recognition and fame for models. 
Travel – chance to travel the world for shooting of advertisements
Money – though establishing oneself in this line takes some time, once it’s done, models can charge high fees for assignments.


To become an actor or actress, one must have the ability to portray different emotions. The platform can be theatre, television or film. Besides providing instant fame, a successful career in acting opens up many avenues.
Specialized Institutes:
National School of Drama, Delhi.
Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.
Background required
None. Though there’s no minimum qualification expected, a course in acting in specialized institutes gives exposure to different approaches and techniques of acting. Moreover, it provides practical experience of enacting different roles and characters. 
Feature films
Depending on suitability and response, there’s good potential to shift media – from TV to films to theatre in any order.

Language Expert

We are a country with diverse languages and are proud of it. Similarly, several languages are spoken all over the world. Increasing trade, cultural, sports, and political relations between countries means there is need to interpret the communication between speakers of a myriad of tongues.
Specialized Institutes
Central Institute of English & Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.
Max Mueller Bhavan (in select cities – for German language).
Alliance Francaise (in select cities – for French language).
(Embassies of countries can be contacted for other languages)
Qualities Required
Good verbal aptitude
Pleasing personality
With globalization, international trade has increased. Several transnational companies operate from many countries. To interact globally across many languages and adapt to local markets, multinational companies recruit people with skills in foreign languages.
Aviation – international airlines function from different nations. Hence, they have multilingual staff, to overcome any language problems.
Tourism – international tourists often utilize services of travel agents and tour operators, who have capability to handle people with different linguistic backgrounds. 
Editing of documents of different languages.
Translation and interpretation of business documents, books, scripts and articles.
Embassies and consulates of different countries.
International organizations such as UNO.  
Translation Bureaus
Hotel Industry
Trade Organizations
Software companies, which need language experts as and when they handle projects which require translations. 


Theatre as a tool of entertainment and creating social awareness. Several professional theatre companies exist around the country, performing dramas at periodic intervals. 
Apart from English, theatre companies are active in several regional languages also. Adapting short stories to suit theatre and in some cases scripting new ones, the theatre companies present different dramas. The range varies from mythological to social to comedy themes.
Theatre Design (Scenic Design, Designing Auditoria, Poster design, Period costumes)  
Theatre Techniques (Lighting, Graphics, Acting, Voice Modulation)
Specialized Institute
National School of Drama, New Delhi.
Teaching in colleges, universities, Kala Kendras, Academies
Staging dramas and plays on radio, television
As a consultant, advising theatre companies, schools or colleges. 


It is one of the lucrative career options that is linked to hospitality sector. Chefs prepare different delicacies. They need to keep in mind not only nutritious value of the dish they cook but also its presentation, and other factors.  Hotel industry is the most visible aspect of the continuing growth in services sector in the last decade. Chefs, therefore, are also in good demand. 
While five star hotels cater to a wide variety of cuisines (both national and international), the rise in speciality eating joints has also contributed to the need for quality and experienced chefs.
Qualities Required
A highly evolved sense of smell and taste
Ability to deal with pressure
How To Become Chef:
Hotel management Institutes offer related courses 
Speciality restaurants
Cruise Liners
Private Clubs
Big organizations
Tourism Organizations
International (Chinese, Thai, Italian, etc)
North Indian
South Indian


 Astronomers observe and study objects and phenomena in outer space. The objects of their study include planets, comets, asteroids, stars and even galaxies. As a profession, it calls for an inquisitive mind that is always eager to explore the unknown.
Background required:
A solid foundation in mathematics and physics is a must.
Astrophysics – study of chemical composition of heavenly bodies and understanding physical processes that take place in space.
Stellar Astronomy – study of stars
Planetary Astronomy – study of planets
Cosmologists – history and structure of universe
Observational Astronomy – Survey of objects, using telescopes
Solar Astronomy – study of sun   
Research laboratories
The profession involves long spells of observation during night time, when visibility is maximum. Moreover, visits to observatories located at strategic heights and locations is a must.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designers are those who handle pictures, text and patterns, to design logos, visuals or animations. They are multimedia specialists.
Ability to perceive things visually. This is important, as the designs have to be put on paper, to portray how the end design will look like.
Creativity – the talent to come up with innovative ideas. Without this, new patterns and designs do not end up being radically different from the prevailing ones.
Imagination – to experiment with new concepts and ideas.
Good drawing and sketching skills.
Specialized Institute
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.
Publications  - for designing layouts of books, magazines.
Television Studios – for creating promotional material for different programmes.
Advertising Agencies – to design logos, trademarks, packaging material, promotional tools.
Film Production Units – to devise new advertisements and film promotional material.
Art Studios
Animation studios, for cartoons
Photo studios


A job of a horticulturist involves cultivation of vegetables, fruits, salad crops, and plants for sale. The job also covers the initial design, and later maintaining and managing parks, open spaces, sports grounds, roadside areas, public gardens, recreation areas. There are opportunities in maintaining gardens of large estates like tea and coffee. 
The job profile covers working on a detailed idea regarding suitability of climates, rainfall, soil and other weather conditions for cultivating different varieties of fruits, flowers and vegetables. With use of new technologies such as tissue culture and embryo culture, newer hybrid varieties are being discovered.
Pomology (study of fruits)
Olericulture (study of vegetables)
Floriculture (study of flowers)
Food Processing & Preservation
Food Technology
Exports – There is good demand for various products in overseas countries, like roses have a good export market.
Food Processing – Increasing use of convenience foods has boosted the food processing industry, which is involved in processing foods for ready consumption and packaging them.    

Veterinary Science

Involves treating a variety of animals like domestic pets in cities and other animals like poultry, horses, ponies, and cows.

Wildlife conservation and preservation is a major focus these days. Several sanctuaries and parks have come up, where special animals are cared for. Large scale commercial breeding of select animals such as poultry, sheep and goats is quite common.

Study of biological sciences is a must at 10+2 stage, to pursue veterinary science at degree level.

This is one career which offers good scope both in rural and urban areas. Some of the areas in which a career can be built are:
Veterinary Hospitals
Private clinics
Pet care centers
Sanctuaries, Parks and Forestry Departments, for captive breeding
Abattoirs, as meat inspectors and checking diseases in animals
Poultry Farms
Horse breeding centers
Pharmaceutical companies, for research in development of vaccines, animal feed and fertilizers
Dairies, for breeding and health of cattle
Teaching, in veterinary colleges
Army – providing medical care to horses, camels, ponies, mules, cattle & dogs
Insurance Companies – for settlement of claims and insuring animals


With environmental concerns a major global issue, role of forests in maintaining the ecological balance is widely appreciated now. From plundering forest resources for material gain, the focus has shifted to afforestation, reforestation and increasing the forest cover of nations.

Forests provide several benefits such as arresting soil erosion, absorbing pollution, providing fuel, preserving and sheltering wildlife and providing raw material for wood based industries.

A career in forestry involves:
Preserving the habitats of wildlife
Preventing poaching of forest wealth
Increasing the area under forest cover
Preventing indiscriminate plundering of forest resources
Eco tourism
Study of medicinal plants

Almost all of these activities are carried out by government agencies and forestry departments. NGOs (Non Government Organizations) are also involved in advising, consulting and interacting with concerned government agencies.

In future, the corporates and private companies are likely to play a major role.


Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
This is a relatively new area in healthcare, wherein voice, language and speech disorders are handled. These are all communication related, wherein people have problems either in understanding or effectively communicating messages to other people.

Speech related disorders include unclear speaking, delayed development of speaking ability or unusual delay in comprehending language. Specialists in this area first identify the specific problems, and then alleviate those disorders.

Speech therapists, for example, trains and educates through sign language, lip reading and sound formation. They also handle disorders like stuttering, lisping and stammering.

Undergraduate degree from institutes recognized by Rehabilitation Council of India.

Quality Required:
Patience when handling people who have communication-related problems.

Specialized Institute:
All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Mysore, which offers courses at graduate and post-graduate level.

Community Health & Welfare Centers
Special Schools for differently abled (deaf & dumb)
Consultants, in industries to monitor noise levels
Call centers, to correct accents


Gathering news and writing about it is the specific job of a journalist. Though earlier restricted to just newspapers and magazines, their area of operations has spread to cover radio, television and Internet.

How To Become One:
Any graduate can opt to become a journalist, after undergoing course in mass communications or journalism. The selection is through a written test and interview. Several universities and private institutes offer these courses. Reputed publications such as ‘The Times Of India’ newspaper have their own schools of journalism, where training is imparted.

Qualities Required:
Yen for information gathering
Dogged nature to pursue information that is not easily available
Good inter-personal relations. This is required to use known contacts to elicit information from varied sources
Always being on alert, as potential news has to be sensed early sometimes, even before it can happen
Meet the deadlines, because articles have to be written in time for the deadlines which are dictated by the frequency (hourly/daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly) of the publication
Good command over the language of writing
Should be ready for irregular work hours

What To expect:
Travel, as reporters are required to gather information wherever it’s available
Chance to interact with people who are otherwise not accessible
Long hours of work under pressure
Very few holidays

War Coverage
Political News
Films & Entertainment
Content Writing
Corporate Communications


Architects plan and design layouts of buildings, structures and even cities. Besides basic functionality of the structure being designed, they need to consider several other important factors such as building materials to be used, safety, aesthetics and costs involved.

Extensive training is imparted in the architecture course to understand these factors. The range of work is quite exhaustive – covering housing (individual houses, apartments, colonies, townships); offices, sports stadia, industrial complexes, commercial shopping complexes, offices, hospitals, hotels, airports, places of worship, gardens, resorts, etc.

Skills required:
Drawing –to prepare the blueprint, detailed sketches have to be prepared. There are software packages are available these days.

Creativity – to come up with new, original designs for different structures.

Sense of aesthetics, as the structures need to be practical as well as pleasing

Exposure to physics and mathematics is useful, as lots of calculations and space considerations are involved.

Urban designing
Building Engineering
Industrial Design
Architectural conservation, wherein heritage structures are preserved.
Regional planning

Municipal corporations
Construction firms
Self employment


Career Path

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