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Lab Technician

The importance of proper diagnosis cannot be underestimated in proper treatment of patients. Different tests are carried out in laboratories to identify the problem or disease or infection.

Based on the findings of diagnostic reports, doctors ascertain the treatment required for patients. Lab technicians operate in diagnostic laboratories and are trained to handle several instruments and equipments.

No specific degree is required to get trained as a Lab Technician.

Diagnostic Centers
Diagnostic Laboratories

Self-Employment Potential
Several doctors, clinics and hospitals outsource their diagnostic requirements. Hence lab technicians have good scope to set up their own diagnostic centers.


When it comes to maintaining good health, what we eat is as important as how much we exercise. Dieticians are experts in characteristics, properties and nutritional content of different food items.

It’s quite common knowledge that human body needs a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fat among other things, to store energy for activities. What is not widely known is the right food resources for these ingredients and in what quantities they need to be consumed, for different stages of life and health conditions.

Patients suffering from specific diseases also have specific dietary requirements. Dieticians study the calorie count and properties of different food varieties. They specialize in formulating the right food habits.

Specialized Institute
National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad

Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Public Health Centers – where patients’ diet inputs need to be monitored.
Maternity Homes – to devise proper diet for mothers
Child Care Centers – for administering the required dose of right foods for children recovering from medical treatment.
Hotels – to devise menus keeping health of customers in mind.
Guest Houses – for preparing menus to cater to the food preferences and eating requirements of visiting guests.
Airlines – to prepare menus, keeping the flight duration and health of passengers in mind.


Pilots fly aeroplanes and helicopters. A career as a pilot has several rewards, but calls for expensive and long periods of training. At Flying Clubs in different major cities, training is imparted at hourly charges. Once, a fixed number of flying hours’ experience is gained,  candidates are eligible to apply for  a pilot’s license. After passing the required flying tests, a license is issued. It is mandatory to hold a license to become a pilot.

Qualities Required
Physical fitness
A spirit of adventure
Willingness to work at odd hours

Airline companies – either government-owned or private
Flying Clubs, for training
Chartered Plane Companies, which hire out planes
Defense Forces, for recruitment in Air Force

Opportunity to travel within the country and abroad
Very good income, as salaries are high

Air Hostess

The primary role of air hostesses is to look after air passengers. Their duties include inflight safety precautions to be taken, handling emergency equipment and catering to needs of passengers.

Qualities Required
A pleasing personality
Patience and tact – to handle different passengers’ needs
Good communication skills, to convey messages effectively
Courage – to handle any unforeseen emergencies

Chance to travel far and wide
Good salary
Opportunity to meet and interact with famous people in different walks of life

Government owned airlines
Private airlines

Web Designing

Internet is increasingly becoming part and parcel of everyone’s life. Be it for communication (e-mail, voice chat or video chat), information (news-based portals) or entertainment (portals on films, sports, games, contests).

Access to Internet is also becoming more and more easier and cheaper. Home delivery of Internet through cable television has also become operational. With increasing exposure, there is no escaping the accessing of more websites.

Web designers are the people who design the layout of pages of web sites. Using different software such as Flash, Adobe and Multimedia, they plan the visual look of websites.

Qualities Required
Creativity, to design new designs
High visual imagination, to come up with appealing layouts
Ability to constantly upgrade skills, as newer packages are introduced

Multimedia Companies
Software Development Firms
Web Designing companies

There is very good scope to freelance in this career, designing websites and web pages for a varied clientele.

Fashion Designing

One of the professions that has been consistently growing over the last decade. A fashion designer has to have an exposure to the latest trends and in some cases design some trend-setting dresses.

Always at the forefront of new fashions, good fashion designers are always sought out and given assignments. Local, national and international fashion shows are quite common now-a-days.

Qualities Required
A feel for different cloth textures
Good aesthetic sense
A feel for colours

How To Become One
Leading fashion technology institutes all over the country offer short-term and long-term courses. Admission into these is through a written test and interview.

Educational Background
A graduate degree

Boutiques, which stock new designs
Textile Companies, which hire fashion designers in order to know the pulse of current and future trends in designs
Films – to design costumes for characters
Event Management Firms – to design specific costumes for shows such as beauty contests and fashion shows

This career offers more scope for starting own business than for getting a job. Because it depends so much on individual creativity, many fashion designers have their own firms. Many celebrities in different walks of life have their own individual fashion designers, to design costumes to suit their image and personality.

Event Management

Organizing a function or an event calls for co-ordinating several aspects. Event managers are professionals who specialize in this. Their job is all-inclusive, ranging from selection of proper venue to design of invitations to handling guests.

Outsourcing of the activities involved in managing a show is increasingly becoming a necessity, for hassle-free experience. The profession calls for multiple talents, including handling equipments.

Events organized by event managers
Theme parties – commonly held in hotels
Cultural shows
Product launches by corporates – companies want customers to remember their product launches
Road shows – conducted to raise awareness levels about some events
Seminars and conferences
Designer wedding ceremonies
Musical shows
Beauty contests
Award functions
Leisure activities for corporate staff – such as trekking expedition

Qualities Required
Ability to plan carefully – as every possible requirement has to be taken care of.
Creativity – to offer variety in handling similar assignments.
Organizing and handling manpower required for the success of an event
Good inter-personal relations.
Planning for emergency back-up operations, in case something goes astray
Knowing the nitty-gritty of different audio-video equipment
Awareness of who’s good at what, so that whenever there’s a need, right people are involved.

Insurance Surveyor

For companies offering insurance policies, settlement of claims of a policy holder is the time to redeem promises made. Several checks are made to ensure that the claims are genuine and only then are the settlements done.

A Surveyor does the job of examining the veracity of the claims, makes an assessment and checks the policy held. This is prevalent in non-life insurance firms. A mandatory post, as per the Insurance Act, a surveyor plays a very crucial role in an insurance firm.

Qualities Required
Being impartial – not favouring any one party over the other
Sense of fairness – so that genuine claims are not overlooked
An understanding of legal implications of actions taken.
Willingness to work at odd hours – as there are inspection to be undertaken.
Openness to travel

Motor claims
Non-motor related claims

Because it’s a legal necessity to have surveyors, every insurance firm has to have surveyors. Therefore there is good scope.

Hospital Administration

Over the last decade and a half, healthcare sector has seen tremendous growth in terms of corporate hospitals. These are private sector hospitals run professionally, with multiple specialities.

The chain of such hospitals has been growing in presence all over the country. Given the state of government hospitals and their inability to meet the needs, the role of private hospitals will only increase. Thanks to rising income levels and growing health consciousness among people, affordability of treatment in such hospitals is also there.

Managing a hospital along professional lines, like a business enterprise calls for multiple skills. Manpower, equipment, diagnosis, medicines, catering, comfortable stay of patients, inpatients and outpatients have to be handled on a regular basis.

Hospital administration handles all these and many more activities.

Many of the leading corporate hospitals have a training wing, offering courses ranging from diploma to masters level in Hospital management and Hospital Administration.

Training is imparted in housekeeping, planning and other related aspects.

Because of the growth in corporate hospitals, employment potential in these is very high.


Computers have touched upon almost all aspects of human life – be either manufacturing (CAD-CAM) or managing a business (ERP) or entertainment (special effects) or communication (e-mail). No wonder, the world’s richest man, Mr. Bill Gates, owes his riches to computers.

On a broad level, a career in computers can be classified into following:
Hardware – handling of physical devices such as computer systems and peripherals such as modems, including assembling them.
Software Programming – writing software codes in different languages such as C, C++, Java, etc.
Networking – setting up and managing a network of interconnected computer systems. This requires knowledge of different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX
Internet Applications – involves software programming for websites, using web technologies such as HTML, ASP, etc.
Multimedia – developing software solutions and packages using graphics, animation, sound and special effects.IT-Enabled Services – designing and implementing solutions for a wide range of applications such as Call Centers, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Data Digitization, Database handling, GIS (Geographical Information Systems), etc.

Qualities Required
Sustained mastery over the chosen area.
Continuous upgradation of skills – as there are always latest and more innovative technologies being developed
Global outlook, as trends have to be followed

How To Start A Career
Courses conducted by several universities at graduate (BCA, B.E, B. Sc), postgraduate (MCA, M. Tech, M. Sc., M.S) and diploma (PGDCA) levels. Entry is normally through a common entrance test conducted every year.
Private Institutes, which offer short, medium and long-term courses at different levels.

India has, over the years, earned global recognition for skills of its software professionals. Many software companies have reached out globally and several multinationals have set up operations here. The growth in software means plenty of opportunities for a career in this profession. 

Sales & Marketing

The Indian economy, over the last decade, has moved from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market. What this means is that, it is the customers who dictate what is manufactured and not the manufacturers who decide what to sell.

Because the government has opened up several sectors and encouraged competition, there are many competitors in any market segment. In such an extremely competitive scenario, reaching out aggressively to customers is common. Increasing focus on sales activity is a necessity, to survive and grow.

Any basic degree is adequate, for entry level sales jobs
A postgraduate course such as M.B.A (with specialization in marketing), is useful for sales jobs in professionally managed companies.

Qualities Required
Willingness to travel, as a sales job almost always involves daily travel
Good inter-personal relations, as establishing personal rapport with people helps in a big way
Good communication skills, to promote the values of the product/service being sold.
Tact in handling people and situations
Aggressive – to push the product/service better than competitors
An extrovert nature

Specialized Institute
National Institute of Sales (NIS)

Sales activity is important for a wide range of products and services. Without sales, there is no revenue for any organization. Hence, there is ample scope for those with required qualities and inclination for a career in sales.


A career in law means preventing violations of any law, ensuring legal punishments for offenders and protecting the innocent.

A bachelor or master level degree in law

Qualities Required
Very good communication skills, to argue about the merits of the case being handled, in a court
Good listening skills, to look for any loopholes in opposition’s version
Investigative nature, to highlight any missing pieces of information and bring them to notice
Good comprehension of laws, to be fully aware of the implications of the terms used in contracts or terms of reference.

Corporate Law
Criminal Law
Civil Laws
Patent Laws
Cyber Laws
International Law

Because of the wide range of laws applicable and specializations, there is good scope. Especially in the case of corporate and international law, more and more businesses are hiring legal experts. Issues relating to trademarks, copyrights, legal steps to be followed to raise finances abroad, export legalities and intellectual property rights are the emerging trends.

Content Development

The basic responsibility in content development is not much different from that of journalists – collecting and presenting information in a given format. The advent of Internet has given rise to this profession.

On any website, the matter that anyone reads on web pages is written by content developers. Depending on the targeted audience, information and its presentation keeps changing. The use of language also is flexible.

Background Required
Good command over a given language
Ability to present given information in different ways
Investigative nature – to surf the Internet for relevant information
Speed – to stick to uploading schedules (for current news-based portals, hourly updates is quite common)
Be computer literate – typing fast on a keyboard, using tools and packages for presentation of information
Knowledge of fundamentals of web design would help, as the information has to fit into pre-designed web pages

Content Analysts – define the scope of an article and source needed information
Content Writers – responsible for writing original or re-writing content
Sub-Editors – check written material for improvement/corrections, give appropriate titles to articles, sentence corrections.
Editors – checking data authenticity and ensuring content as per editorial policy
Proofreaders – check for any errors in spelling, punctuations or grammar

Software companies, which design websites for clients
Content Specialists, who provide content on different subjects to clients

There is good scope for freelancing to provide need-based content, for specific assignments

Database Administration

Thanks to computerization, large amount of data can be collected and stored. Handling of this data is done by database administrators. They are responsible for all relevant operations – right from designing the structure of data storage (in the form of tables) to retrieving information as and when required from the database, in a given format.

Background Required
Good exposure to database concepts such as DBMS (Database management Systems) and RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
Knowledge of different operating systems such as Windows, NT, Linux, Solaris
Mastery over database software packages like Oracle, Sybase.

Whenever huge amount of data is handled, database administrators are in demand. These include banks (which handle several transaction related information everyday), investment agencies (have access to critical information wealth which need to be classified), telecommunication companies, e-mail providers (to handle several thousand identities and passwords), reservation providers (airlines or railways or road transport providers), etc. Software companies involved in developing database related solutions are also huge employers of database administrators.

Market Research

A specialized area in marketing, market research calls for qualitative and quantitative aptitude. In today’s competitive markets, customer focus is the key in success of any business enterprise.

Anticipating customers’ needs in advance, tailoring a product or service to meet their requirements and getting feedback from them, form the bulk of market research activities. Professionally run companies regularly undertake market research to keep themselves in tune with customers’ tastes.

Qualities Required
Willingness to travel extensively, as dispersed customers have to be reached.
Good communication skills, as required information for different questionnaires has to be elicited
Handling figures, for statistical purposes
Ability to interconnect related events and conclusions

M.B.A, with specialization in marketing
Postgraduate degree in Sociology or Psychology, for proper interpretation of information, given the social context of respondents.
Any degree – for carrying out field work (conducting interviews and collecting information)
A post graduate in statistics, to handle quantitative data interpretation.

Professional companies, active in consumer products or services
Advertising agencies, to devise and measure impact of promotions/advertisements
Independent market research firms


Cosmetology is a branch of beauty care, wherein skin, hair, face and body treatment is given to enhance natural beauty of a person. More and more people are taking a keen interest in taking good care of their body.

A positive outcome of working towards looking good is that one also ends up feeling good. This is a good development, as one gains in self-confidence and builds a more fulfilling personality.

Artificial Implant
Laser surgery
Reconstitution Surgery
Skin Grafting

Professional beauticians
Beauty parlours

Qualities required
Patience, to handle long treatment durations
Good communication skills
Knowledge of cosmetics and their use


Museums are storehouses of the past. They are a rich source of information relating to the lifestyle of our ancestors. All the relevant tools such as manuscripts, sculptures, paintings, murals, metal objects and fabrics are preserved in a museum, for us to have a peek into our ancestors’ way of living.

Museology and art restoration aims at extending the life of museum objects and preserving them. This is required, as over extended periods of time, objects tend to lose their natural state and deteriorate.

Care is taken while restoring, to ensure that there is no tampering or alteration in the object being restored.

Qualities required
A keen eye for detail – to observe for any defects and to restore condition to original look.
Visual sensibility – for aesthetics in work

Metal Objects

Organizations involved in preserving heritage, such as INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage)

Human Resource Development (HRD)

As evident from the title, HRD is responsible for harnessing growth of human personality and careers. Managing the manpower in an organization is the prime duty of HRD department.

The typical tasks handled by this department are:
Recruiting people with right skills for different jobs
Training employees for handling their job responsibilities
Estimating right salaries for different designations
Monitoring performance of employees
Boosting the morale of employees
Retaining skilled staff

Qualities Required
Insight into human behaviour, attitudes, beliefs and value-systems
Ability to interact with people
Adjustments to different organizational cultures
Awareness of latest people training techniques
Tackling people with different emotional, psychological and behaviour patterns
Capable of establishing good inter-personal relationships

A Postgraduate diploma in personnel management or M.B.A with specialization in Personnel.

Professionally managed business organizations.

Radio Jockey

A radio jockey is one who plays requested music on radio. His job is to entertain the audience by presenting the music liked by them. It’s not as simple as reading their requests and then playing the suggested song.

What makes this profession different is the bond that the radio jockeys establish with their audience, through their skills.

Skills Required
Clear voice, pronunciation and diction
Good conversational skills – as requests are sometimes phoned in by audience
Ability to extemporise
Sense of humour – for lively conversations
Familiarity with multiple languages – helps in relating to a wide audience
Being contemporary in music trends and styles
Wide knowledge base of music
Experience in compering shows is useful

Selection Process
Through an audition test – where required skills are tested

Radio Channels
FM Stations

Video Jockey

A video jockey is one who plays requested music on a television channel. His job is to entertain the audience by presenting the music liked by them. It’s not as simple as reading their requests and then playing the suggested song.

What makes this profession different is the bond that the video jockeys are desired to establish with their audience, through their skills.

Skills Required
Clear voice, pronunciation and diction
Good conversational skills – as requests are sometimes phoned in by audience
Ability to extemporise
Sense of humour – for lively conversations
Familiarity with multiple languages – helps in relating to a wide audience
Being contemporary in music trends and styles
Wide knowledge base of music
Experience in compering shows is useful
Good body language
Good screen presence

Selection Process
Through an audition test – where required skills are tested

Television Channels
Five star hotels


At several junctures in one’s life, crises crop up which we find difficult to handle and get over. It is at such times that one feels the need to take help of others, for proper guidance.

Counsellors are those who listen to others’ problems and, if required, give advice.

Qualities Required
Keen listener
Understanding of people’s nature
Patience – to understand others’ description of their problems
Capable of resisting temptation of offering solutions, even when not asked for
Good sense of judgement, to analyse situations properly
A sense of empathy for those coming for counseling

Study of psychology and psychiatry, for deep insight into emotional problems and diagnosing psychological situations.

Human Behaviour
Marital Relations, to counsel couples on their relationships and problems

Psychiatric Clinics
Alcohol and drugs de-addiction centers
Corporates – for effective human resource development
Schools and colleges


Yoga is a means of attaining and maintaining health in all aspects – physical, mental and spiritual. This is achieved through a combination of exercises and postures. Controlled breathing plays a very big role in yoga. Some other techniques used are concentration, meditation and withdrawal of senses.

Depending on a person’s age, lifestyle and health condition, different exercises (called asanas) are prescribed. The holistic approach of yoga to healthcare is what makes it unique and effective. Apart from physical health, some asanas have stress-relieving qualities which enable keeping up mental health.

Some universities offer courses in yoga both at graduate and post-graduate levels.
The course content covers human anatomy, principles of meditation, philosophy and exercises.

Teaching yoga at training institutes
Schools and colleges
Corporates – for employees’ health and well-being
Curing – specific ailments such as spondylitis and diabetes through specific asanas
Fitness Instructors

Hotel Management

Growth in the services sector is best characterized by the expansion of hotel industry. Hospitality is a big business and all hotels need professional management to provide good service to customers and face up to competition.

A career in hotel management exposes one to very high standards of customer service. A professional institute offering a course in hotel management covers all sections of a hotel. These include:

Front Office – the area where a potential customer first interacts with the hotel. This covers reception area and extends to other portions that a visitor comes across on entering the hotel.

Housekeeping – wherein all relevant aspects of room care and comfortable stay are covered. These include ensuring proper furnishings, appropriate linen, arrangement of flowers and even medical care in case of need.

Food & Beverages (F&B) – the section in charge of food items that are served to guests. Variety is important in the range of delicacies offered and it calls for expertise and skills in different types of food preparations. Bakery, bar and kitchen are some of the common areas covered in F&B.

Maintenance – ability to take care of repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical devices. Ensuring proper running of all machineries is of great importance, as even a small break-down can lead to discomfort to guests.

Specializations are offered in general hotel management or one of the areas such as catering or front office.

With the opening up of Indian economy, achieving global standards of service levels is becoming necessary. In such a scenario, professionalism in running any business is highly regarded. The boom in hotel industry offers plenty of opportunities for a career in hotel management.

Textile Designing

One of the features of a competitive sector in an economy is the need to be different and innovative. In textiles, generating unique and appealing designs is as important as the kind of fabric and price of it. Specialists, called textile designers, are employed to do this.

Skills required
Drawing – for sketching new design patterns
Creativity - to understand and widen the customer preferences.
Visual Sense – to visualize new designs
Good sense of colour – to experiment with various colour combinations

Skills taught in a textile design course
Fabric construction
Surface Design Techniques
Computer Aided Designing

Woven Designs
Printed Designs

Fashion designers utilize services of textile designers, to design customised unique designs
Export Houses employ textile designers to design patterns suitable to the markets to which they export, keeping the lifestyle and preferences of people living there.
Textile companies


Though normally perceived to be of cosmetic use, perfumes’ usage extends even to medicine and religious ceremonies. A very specialized field, preparation of a perfume is a very extensive operation.

It involves identifying different aromatic substances and blending them, to produce a fragrant product. Knowledge of the chemical processes involved in mixing and properties (chemical & physical) is important.

Study of chemistry

Techniques involved in preparing perfumes
Decocting (extracting the essence by boiling)
Pulverization (grinding to a powder)
Distillation (turn a liquid to vapour by heating, cool the vapour and collecting the drops that condense)

Manufacturers of chemicals
Perfume manufacturers
Pharma companies – for manufacturing oils and balms
Typical jobs for experts in perfumery are either as flavourists or perfumers.

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