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Invite us to your Institution for a presentation on 'Careers’.
Duration: 1 Hour There is also a Career Planning Kit with 100 pages of posters, handouts. These can be used to display on boards in libraries and classrooms to generate conversation about careers, skills, personality traits etc. Learn about various elements that go into building a Career
  • Check out our Course and College Search 
  • Explore various courses and colleges that offer the courses
  • Refer to 100 Job Profiles and find out in depth about different occupations
  • Useful pointers to the future of a particular area of Occupation
  • Learn how to design Your Career Planner
  • Learn how to design Milestone Planner
  • Skill Builder
Individual Career Counselling We will take you through the whole process of choosing and planning a career that suits your personality.
  The 4-Step Career Plan
1 Know Who You Are 2 Explore the World of Work 3 Match the Options to Personality 4 Get into CareerAction Mode During this whole process, guys and gals, you need loads of patience to deal with the anxious adults, some boring stability so as not to go on a cross-country ride, nerves of steel to deal with both your and your parents’ anxieties. You can take heart from the fact that generations of adolescents have successfully dealt with this stage and so can you.        

Why UNITI Foundation?
The Career Advisers at the Advising Center have about 20 years of experience in advising students.

The students seek advice on

  • Learning about themselves
  • Choosing their Career Path
  • Planning their Careers
  • Arming themselves with the right skills and training
  • Seeking contentment

To plan a Career of your liking

Contact 92931 63550

Write to unitifoundation@gmail.com

Our Working Hours

9 am to 5 pm

Closed on Second Saturday

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Career Planning Kit
Use this Kit to create awareness about about Careers, Job Profiles. Put up the posters on Notice Boards, use the great resource to plan activities around it.
  • 100 Job Profiles
  • Posters for Career Awareness
  • Handouts on 20 Career Paths
  • E-books
  Contact 92931 63550 to buy the Kit Email to unitifoundation@gmail.com